[adegenet-forum] sPCA in populations presenting a strong genetic structure

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it depends on what your biological question is. If you want to study spatial genetic structures per variety, then separate analyses make sense. From what you describe, if you performed an analysis on the entire dataset, you'd be left with some trivial local structures due to the different varieties.

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Subject: [adegenet-forum] sPCA in populations presenting a strong genetic       structure

I have some questions concerning sPCA in a particular case:
I'm working on a crop population (sorghum) which is mainly inbreeding. My population of study presents a very strong genetic structure, with four main genetic clusters, and STRUCTURE results suggest there are little gene flows among clusters.

In a farm (same spatial location) I sampled individuals belonging to different varieties, and they belong to different genetic clusters.
I am wondering whether sPCA is adapted to this kind of situation, or if it would be better to perform a sPCA among individuals within each main genetic cluster separately.
Many thanks for your advice.


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