[adegenet-forum] DAPC scatterplot vs membership probabilities

Carla Riva Rossi carla.rivarossi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 19:59:15 CET 2014

I'm using DAPC to assess the origin of an introduced salmonid in Patagonia
    and I have problems interpreting my results.
    I used pre-defined groups corresponding to the native range source
    populations and then I applied the predict.dapc function to position the
    introduced individuals (that were not used in constructing the model)
    these discriminant functions (DFs). On the basis of the derived DFs, I
    derived for each introduced individual a membership probability to
    source populations.
    Then, In the DAPC scatterplot the introduced individuals (population)
    more in the space with of native pop 1 than with pop 2, but the DAPC
    probabilites indicate more native pop2 ancestry. Which of these two
    shoud I give more credit/support?
    Thanks a lot in advance!!!

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