[adegenet-forum] importing data frame as a genind file

Mark Coulson coulsonmw at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 12:48:26 CET 2014

Dear all,

I have had some success getting data files into adegenet but only with the
import2genind command using a genpop file and never from the
importstructure, genepop, etc. My preference would be to import a dataframe
with column 1 as the population name, column 2 as the individual identifier
and the remaining columns as the individual loci. I did get this to work
with some previous suggestions on the forum, however, the summary(x)
command tells me I have precisely 10 alleles at each locus (actually there
are between 9 and 63) and massive differences in Hexp vs. Hobs (which there
aren't). So clearly something isn't being interpreted correctly despite the
fact that I can create both the genind and genpop files.

Any ideas why my loci are being mis-read?


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