[adegenet-forum] double-zero problem in genetic data

Xavier Turon xturon at ceab.csic.es
Thu Feb 10 16:53:02 CET 2011


I'm new in this forum and I have just done my first DAPC analyses. I 
have a question, and sorry if it is naive or has already been discussed 
at previous times.

Coming from the field of ecology, I am reluctant to analyse matrices 
with many zeroes with PCA. This is typical of matrices of species 
abundance, where absence of a species in two localities (double-zeros) 
does not mean at all that both localities are related. Many double 
absences can result in spurious high covariances.

I wonder if the same cannot be said of the individuals * alleles 
matrices, which by their very nature have plenty of zeros (i.e., the 
absence of a given allele in two individuals can be interpreted as 
indicating similarity between them?)

Thanks for your inputs on this matter,


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