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Jonker, Rudy Rudy.Jonker at wur.nl
Tue Feb 1 14:51:06 CET 2011

Dear Thibaut,

I am using your program DAPC to define the number of clusters in a dataset of 400 individuals and 374 SNPs. With find.clusters I get a assignment per individual to each cluster. What I am looking for is the probability of assignment to each of the (for example) 3 groups, when k=3. The idea is to make a graph like figure 4 in the attached paper.

Is that possible? I think it should be because within the find.clusters the program must use some stats in the assignment of the clusters to each individual. When I use the $posterior command on the clusterfile it gives me NULL as answer. And the posterior command gives with predefined groups only 0 or 1 for the probabilities of assignment, corresponding to what was predefined.

Thanks in advance,

Rudy Jonker
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