[adegenet-forum] importing annex information within the Genind object (@other)

Michael C Fontaine michael.fontaine at u-psud.fr
Mon Dec 1 14:20:01 CET 2008

Dear Thibaut,

I am Michaël, I have a problem with Adegenet when I want to import my  
dataset from a data.frame. The problematic point is to import annex  
information within the Genind object. I am not very use to that kind  
of object. Specifically my data are imported in R as a data.frame  
( read.table() ), and I would like to add information within the  
Genind object, such as the population, the geographic coordinates, and  
other factors, such as the year.

Here is an example of the kind of script I am using:

> #My data
> ampelo_gp<- cbind(AQmalus3, AQmalus4, AQmalus8, AQmalus10, AQmalus11)
> head(ampelo_gp)
> ampelo_ID <- cbind(ID, DNAsamples,Populations,X,Y, Country, Year)
> head(ampelo_ID)
> #the Genind object
> amp_ade <- df2genind(X=ampelo_gp, ind.names=ID, pop=Populations,  
> ploidy=1)
> amp_ade at pop=Populations    #it works, but is this the best way to  
> proceed?
> #here I am trying to add annex information in the  class @other est  
> définie comme NULL.
> amp_ade at other@xy=cbind(X,Y)
> amp_ade at other@coutry=Country
Here this doesn't work, R return that "amp_ade at other" is defined as  
How can I  import these information within the @other?

Thank you in advance for your answer,
All the best,
Michael C. Fontaine

UMR CNRS/Universite Paris Sud/AgroParisTech 8079
Universite Paris-Sud, Batiment 360
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Phone +33169155662
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E-Mail: michael.fontaine at u-psud.fr
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