[Rcpp-devel] Problem with modules

Stefan Boehringer s.boehringer at lumc.nl
Thu Sep 4 18:28:14 CEST 2014

I try to get the Rcpp.package.skeleton example running.

Rcpp.package.skeleton('GeneticsHaplotype', module = T);

My zzz.R looks like:

.onLoad <- function(libname, pkgname){
    loadModule("yada", TRUE)

I also tried various variations (as indicated by the comments in zzz.R).
I run into

y = Module('yada', mustStart = T);


Error in Module("yada", mustStart = T) :
  Failed to initialize module pointer: Error in
FUN("_rcpp_module_boot_yada"[[1L]], ...): no such symbol
_rcpp_module_boot_yada in package .GlobalEnv

I am running R 3.1.1 (also tried 3.0.1, then 3.0.3), Rcpp_0.11.2

In earlier tries the package name was prepended to the function in the
error message, but I could never get to that point again.

Thank you very much in advance,


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