[Rcpp-devel] rcpp as a compiler to create stand-alone applications

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue Feb 7 01:59:33 CET 2012

On 7 February 2012 at 09:32, Darren Cook wrote:
| >>> Can we use rcpp to convert an R program into a C++ program and
| >>> hence create a stand-alone executable – that does not need R to
| >>> be installed?
| >> I think what you want is closer to Rinside than to
| >> Rcpp, per se.
| > 
| > While that is true, it does not take away from the fact RInside also
| > needs a full R installation with all that entails.
| > 
| > You cannot do R and C++ without the R.
| > 
| > But one can of course rewrite all of R again in C++ if the open
| > source license is too much of a burden.
| Dirk, do you mean that even if a technical solution was found the
| license would forbid using it? I can see how the GPL virus might require
| my own source code to be made available to my customer in this case. But
| if that was not an issue, then it can be done?

I have a tendency of writing too fast and not making my point all that
clearly, but this seems ok to me. So please reread what I wrote. Or let me
rearrange it for you: 

   IF is.problem(gpl_license) THEN can_always_rewrite_it_all_from_scratch()

Ok?  I don't think I claimed you cannot use your hypothetical rewrite.

| As David Silkworth touched on, there is a difference in ease-of-sell of
| a project proposal that has a dependency on other software:
|   * System administrator has to do something;
|   * Security issues: 1000s of files to monitor, not just one;
|   * Versioning issues makes it more fragile.
| You can form a good counter-argument for each point. The problem is that
| you *have to* form that counter-argument :-).

I would invite David, you and everybody else who is interested to take this
discussion somewhere else.  This list was not created for metaphysical
discussion of where and when R may be unsuitable.

This list is for discussing (technical) issues related to using (and also
developing / extending) Rcpp and RInside.  

I appreciate everybody's cooperation in keeping it that way.

Cheers, Dirk

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