[R list package] Replication problem

Juan Felipe Riaño Rodriguez jf.riano48 at uniandes.edu.co
Fri Apr 3 02:33:08 CEST 2015

Dear Graeme,

Thank you very much!  I will be wating for your email and for the update


Juan Felipe

On 2/04/2015, at 3:35 p.m., Graeme Blair <graeme.blair at columbia.edu<mailto:graeme.blair at columbia.edu>> wrote:

Dear Juan,

Thanks for your patience. This error was caused by a change in another software package list depends on, and we have now resolved the problem. I will send you a test version of the package off-list, and we will release an update to CRAN including the fix soon.


On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 1:52 PM Juan Felipe Riaño Rodríguez <jf.riano48 at uniandes.edu.co<mailto:jf.riano48 at uniandes.edu.co>> wrote:

Working with my data to verify ceiling and floor liars, I used your replication code as a guide and got error messages about the Log likelihood not being monotonically increasing. But then I realized that I also get this error with your own code on your data, that is simply running the replication of your paper.

In particular when trying to replicate Table 7, columns 3-6, as below, I get the error messages shown below (if I change the fit.start parameter, the error that pops out may change from object not found to non non monotonically increasing Log likelihood, but I always get an error anyways).

In short, before concluding there is problem with my data specifically, given this finding I would like to point it out and make sure there is not a more general problem with the code (perhaps something got messed up in an software update or that of package dependencies?).

Thank you very much,

> data(race)
> ceiling.results <- ictreg(y ~ age + college + male + south, treat = "treat", J = 3, data = affirm, method = "ml", fit.start = "ml", ceiling = TRUE, ceiling.fit = "bayesglm", ceiling.formula = ~ age + college + male + south)
Error in logistic(x.treatment.curr %*% fit.control.coef) :
  object 'fit.control.coef' not found
> summary(ceiling.results, boundary.proportions = T)
Error in summary(ceiling.results, boundary.proportions = T) :
  object 'ceiling.results' not found
> # Fit standard design ML model with floor effects alone
> # Replicates Columns 5-6
> data(race)
> floor.results <- ictreg(y ~ age + college + male + south, treat = "treat",
+                       J = 3, data = affirm, method = "ml", fit.start = "glm",
+                       floor = TRUE, floor.fit = "bayesglm",
+                       floor.formula = ~ age + college + male + south)
Error in ictreg(y ~ age + college + male + south, treat = "treat", J = 3,  :
  log-likelihood is not monotonically increasing.
> summary(floor.results, boundary.proportions = T)
Error in summary(floor.results, boundary.proportions = T) :
  object 'floor.results' not found
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