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if you look at `?barplot` you'll notice argument `axis.names`. `barplot` has different arguments for numeric/character labels for some reason. 

This works for me: 


dapc3 <- dapc(microbov, n.pca=20, n.da=15) 
compoplot(dapc3, subset = 1:10, cex.names = 0.5, legend = FALSE) 


In god we trust, all others bring data. 

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Apologies for bothering you all, but I'd like to add individual label on compoplot. I run following script which is working well 

compoplot(dapc1, subset=1:200,posi="bottomright", 

txt.leg=paste("Cluster", 1:4), lab=rownames(d), 

ncol=1, xlab="individuals", col=funky(6),cex.lab=.3) 

But I get a problem with font size of the label. It seems that cex.label has no effect (whatever the value, font is big and unreadable). I tried other parameters like cex, clab... but not working. 

Does somebody know how to reduce font size here? 

Sorry to disturb with "stupid" question 



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