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Sorry, I feel I am saying this too often, but please, please, please go through the basics (intro to R etc) if you haven't yet - R is going to be hell otherwise.

You do not need to store the xy coords in your genind. In fact, you do not need a genind at all. See ?monmonier. All you need is a data.frame with your xy coordinates (which you can get using e.g. read.table or read.csv) and a dist object containing pairwise distances.

If you haven't already, check the "basics" tutorial for an example of Monmonier (section 7.2).


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For my Monmorier analysis I'm trying to store the spatial coordinates into a genind object but I'm not succeed.
I'm new in R, so the code is not very easy for me. I'm readind a several of different tutorials and still have not found how to do it.
You guys can help me?

Best regards
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