[adegenet-forum] interpreting scatter plot from dapc analysis

kin onn kin_onn at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 1 20:11:37 CEST 2015

Dear all,
I have a question regarding the interpretation of two types of scatter plots from the dapc analysis 1) the cluster plot from the function scatter(dapc1). The axes are not labeled and I was wondering what they were2) the scatter that represents a single discriminant function from the function scatter(dapc1,1,1). In the tutorial it says that it plots the density of individuals against the discriminant function. Is this the proportion of individuals in groups against the eigenvalues of the first discriminant function? How should we interpret this graph?
Thank you in advance!

Best regards, Chan Biodiversity Institute and Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology  University of Kansas  Dyche Hall, 1345 Jayhawk Blvd  Lawrence, KS 66045-7593
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