[adegenet-forum] Per locus pairwise Fst

Vojtěch Zeisek vojta at trapa.cz
Mon Jul 14 15:09:34 CEST 2014

Good afternoon. :-P

Dne Po 14. července 2014 09:01:03, Vikram Chhatre napsal(a):
> Good morning.
> I would like to estimate per locus pairwise Fst for populations, but it
> appears that Adegenet only estimates this over all loci (i.e. single
> matrix).  What I would like is one matrix per locus.  Has anyone modified
> the functions or know of alternative programs that can do this?

Try package diveRsity. It requires genepop file and works only for haploid and 
diploid data (as far as I know), but otherwise it should do what You wish. ;-)

> Thanks
> Vikram


Vojtěch Zeisek

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