[adegenet-forum] testing sPCA differences

Jombart, Thibaut t.jombart at imperial.ac.uk
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Hi Xavier, 

such a test will not be possible using approaches directly relating to the sPCA. This is because the range and null value of Moran's I (part of the optimized criteria, measuring the spatial structures) depend on the spatial weights. Therefore, Moran's I based approaches cannot compare spatial structures of different groups of locations/individuals.

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Dear adegenet forum,

does anybody know if there is a permutation test implemented in adegenet (or other R packages) that could differentiate the sPCA solutions of two (or more) subsets of a genetic dataset, for example to compare genetic structures across sexes or ages, etc... For example, Smouse et al. (2008) developed a heterogeneity test to differentiate two correlograms.

I know there are the global and local statistics, but is there something similar that could help differentiate the spatial genetic structure between two groups in sPCA?



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