[Traminer-users] sorting variable label in indexplot on y-axis

Björn Gernig gernig at bigsss-bremen.de
Wed Oct 19 10:22:45 CEST 2016

Dear all,

when I plot a sequence index plot and I group and sort the sequences, I want to have a tick label on the y-axis to see where the next set of sequences sorted by the sorting variable begins.


## biofam data set
biofam.lab <- c("Parent", "Left", "Married", "Left+Marr", "Child", "Left+Child", "Left+Marr+Child", "Divorced")
biofam.seq <- seqdef(biofam, 10:25, labels=biofam.lab)
## producing the plot, grouped by gender, sorted by spoken language (german, french, italian, NA)
seqIplot(biofam.seq, group = biofam$sex, sortv = biofam$plingu02, border = NA)

What I need now are four labels on the y-axis, indicating where in the two plots the sequences of German, Italian, French and NA are.
I tried the ylab and and the ytlab arguments already without success.

Thanks for any hints,

Björn Gernig
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