[Traminer-users] how to get representative sequence by using multichannel method

Mira Cho mummyra at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 02:59:36 CET 2016

Dear tramier-users

Can I get representative sequence by using multichannel method?
I am trying to analyze couple's time schedules.
If I use multichannel distance matrix (getting by "seqdismc" using list:
male & female sequences), "seqrep" would resurns it?

I just guess it will be differently affected according to criterion sorting
representative candidate list such as "freq", "dist"...
"dist" is about centrality having the smallest sum of the distances to
all othere sequences,
Then can I think it will be affected just by distance matrix for returning



Cho Mira
Social welfare department
Seoul national university
South Korea
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