[Traminer-users] mean age evolution

Julien Bourdais ju.bourdais at gmail.com
Wed May 27 12:38:12 CEST 2015

Dear Traminer users,

I had a database in a spell format listing the periods over which 480 
people were hospitalized in a given medical institution (it represents 
approximatively 1100 periods) from the 1960's to nowadays. I converted 
it into a STS format sequence data. The presence of each individual is 
described through two different states (depending on whether they're 
hospitalized 24/7 or just for daytime) and when they're leaving the 
hospital I coded their absence with "missing values" and not with "void 
elements" (consequently most of the sequences consist of "missing 
values" but it allowed me to keep a calendar axis time).
I also have informations about individual birthdates and I'd like to 
demonstrate that the mean age of the people hospitalized at a given time 
is rising through the historical period I consider (from 1960 to 2014). 
But I don't know whether there's a tool for that in Traminer ?

Thanks for your help,

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