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Dear Gerhard,

Thank You for this suggestion!




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please try the R - package 'nbclust' do decide how many clusters are feasable. In addition to that statistical measures, inspect the different cluster solutions by content and how meaningful interpretations are. You can also do some kind of x-square test where you align the clusters with variables not used in the cluster analysis.  At least you have some kind of face validity. 


Best regards - Gerhard A. Wührer



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Dear Traminer users,


I am trying to build a typology of sequences by using cluster analysis with OM and Ward algorith.


I have a problem of choosing the number of clusters. I use several empirical indexes, but they don‘t help me a lot. I use Calinski and harabasz (CH) index, but it has a peak at two cluster solution and the goes down. I also use average shilloute width but it gives me the similar results as CH index. I also run pseudo ANOVA to see which cluster solution explains most variance, but it tells me the opposite – the more the clusters the higher the pseudo R2 gets. When I look at the various plots (e.g. seqdplot) I see that the most meaningful solutions (I have several types of sequences) lie somewhere between 4-6 clusters.


Could You perhaps suggest which indexes worked best for You and matched Your expectations / theoretical knowledge and that I could use in my analysis?


Thank You in advance!!





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