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Julien Bourdais ju.bourdais at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 10:09:29 CET 2014

Dear Traminer's users,

I guess my question is typically the one of a begginer on Traminer. I've been collecting a list of stays that some people did in a hospital. The beginning and end dates of each stay are rather precise (dd/mm/yyyy) and I'd like to stick to that precision for the moment. Although, in the user's guide and the Traminer's mailing list I couldn't find any example where the beginning and the end of the spell are written in a date format (not just as a year). I suppos
e Traminer do not support the date format. Every time I try to define a sequence object I receive this message :

> SEJ.seq <- seqdef(sej, id="ID", begin="entree", end="sortie", status="sejour_type", fillblanks=NA, informat="SPELL", states=sej.states, labels=sej.labels, process=FALSE)

Error in Summary.factor(c(NA_integer_, NA_integer_, NA_integer_, NA_integer_,  :
   min not meaningful for factors
In addition:Warning messages:
1: In Ops.factor(begincolumn, 1) : < not meaningful for factors
2: In Ops.factor(endcolumn, begincolumn) : - not meaningful for factors
3: In Ops.factor(begincolumn, 0) : > not meaningful for factors

Here is a sample of my data :

*ID* 	*sejour_type* 	*entree* 	*sortie*
1 	Temps plein 	06/06/2013 	19/03/2014
1 	Temps plein 	10/05/2010 	16/05/2013
2 	Temps plein 	19/01/2012 	27/01/2012
2 	Temps plein 	01/02/2011 	04/08/2011
3 	Temps plein 	21/02/2013 	19/03/2014
7 	Hôpital de jour 	18/09/2014 	12/11/2014

Am I right thinking that the date format is the problem or does it rely 
somewhere else ?

Kindly yours,


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