[Traminer-users] repeating a command: loop and/or apply function

Jeremy Reynolds jeremyr at uga.edu
Tue Nov 12 14:52:10 CET 2013

Dear Traminer Users,

I am a novice R user, and I could use some advice about how to repeat
commands in R.  I would like to run a clustering command repeatedly with 7
different dissimilarity matrices named diss1vs.hc through diss7vs.hc.  I
tried the loop below, but it does not run properly.  I have also been
reading about the various apply functions in R, but none of the examples I
found so far seem to be doing what I need.  Can you please tell me 1) how I
can make the loop below run and 2) what would be the equivalent (or perhaps
better) solution using one of the apply functions?



for (i in 1:7){
  ward[i]vs <- hclust(as.dist(diss[i]vs.hc), method = "ward", members
= aggbhps.hc$aggWeights)

> for (i in 1:7){+   ward[i]vs <- hclust(as.dist(diss[i]vs.hc), method = "ward", members = aggbhps.hc$aggWeights)Error: unexpected symbol in:
"for (i in 1:7){
  ward[i]vs"> }Error: unexpected '}' in "}"

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