[Traminer-users] modify legend in plot from WeightedCluster package

Gilbert Ritschard Gilbert.Ritschard at unige.ch
Fri Feb 1 09:01:05 CET 2013

Hi Jeremy,

The legend position is controlled with the legendpos argument:

plot(pam1, legendpos="topleft")

For  more control on the legend such as on the number of columns you can make the plot with the "withlegend=FALSE" argument and then use the R legend function (type ?legend for details). Here is an example:

plot(pam1, stat = c("PBC", "HG", "ASW"),  legendpos="top",  withlegend=F)
legend("top",  c("PBC", "HG", "ASW"), fill = c("black", "red", "green"), ncol = 2)


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Dear TraMineR Users,

I am using the WeightedCluster library and have produced a graph of the stopping rule statistics that it provides through the wcKMedRange command.  The code below produces a very useful plot, but the legend hides a portion of the graph.  Does anyone know how I can move the existing legend to the top left corner and perhaps make it two columns instead of one?



pam1 <- wcKMedRange(diss4vs, kvals = 2:10, weights = aggbhps$aggWeights)

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