[Traminer-users] seqplot

Maximilian Rothfuß Maximilian.Rothfuss at uni-konstanz.de
Thu Aug 9 13:12:16 CEST 2012

Hello all together

In my analysis I remarked that there is no possibility within the
'seqdplot´ - function for plotting just one level of the factor given
by the `group` argument. Further I couldn´t find any solution for that
problem, so I wrote a large function containing some loops, very complicated.
It works but it's takes so much time...
Of course, I know that it's possible to get the rigt group by seperating them like:

mvad.seq <- seqdef(mvad, 17:86)

## Using the group argument
seqdplot(mvad.seq, group=mvad$gcse5eq)

## Plotting groups separately

But if the grouping is a result from a cluster analysis, you cannot plot just one certin group.

Did I overlook somthing within the code of seqdplot or TraMineR?

Thank you in anticipation!

Best regrads,


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