[Traminer-users] Creation of a Sequence Data Object from "TSE" format data

Miguel Garces miguelag at lustickconsulting.com
Wed Aug 8 20:13:25 CEST 2012

I've just discovered TraMineR and I'm excited to learn to use it, but
of course I cannot get over the first hurdle of getting my data in the
right format.  I believe my data is in the "Time-stamped events" or
"TSE" format and I would like to convert my data into a Sequence Data
Object for use with other TraMineR functions.  I have found
instructions for converting "STS" or other sequence objects into "TSE"
format, but not the other way around.  My data is very similar to the
"actcal.tse" dataset, although all of the possible time units are
filled in since this data is from a simulation.

Run Time    State
1   1   0
1   2   0
1   3   1
2   1   1
2   2   1
2   3   0
3   1   0
3   2   0
3   3   0

Thanks ahead of time for your help.


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