[Traminer-users] alining sequences according to exogenous time variables

Simon PAYE simon.paye at sciences-po.fr
Mon Jul 25 18:42:04 CEST 2011

Dear colleagues,
I come back to the TraMineR list for another technical question that might be of use for other career or time-use analysts.
My purpose is to align all the sequences of my sequence object according to a date specific to each individual. The variable indicating the date is exogenous to the sequence. In my case, I would like to align careers according to the moment in which a specific turning point occurs (for example being given job tenure).
Example: aligning two sequences according to the date of tenure award
        2000        2001        2002       2003       2004      2005
X       A            A           B          B          B          C
Y                    A           A          B          B
(X got married in 2002 and Y in 2003)
I intend to end up with this:
           T-2        T-1        Ten.       T+1        T+2        T+3
X          A          A           B          B          B          C
Y                     A           A          B          B
I have already aligned sequences manually in Excel, but it is a rather frustrating task. As I would like to do this aligning operation for various turning points in the career (e.g. parenthood, major publication, etc), I hope that we can succesfully develop a small loop in TraMineR or perhaps a new argument in the sequIplot function, something like:
R > seqdef(mydata, var = 81:127, align = mydata$year.tenure)

All the best and thank you again,

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