[Traminer-users] The substitution cost matrix is not symmetric

Alexandre Pollien alexandre.pollien at fors.unil.ch
Fri Apr 15 17:29:30 CEST 2011


When I use seqsubm, now I get this message:

>  contact.om<- 
[>] 5764 sequences with 9 distinct events/states
[>] 496 distinct sequences
[>] min/max sequence length: 1/12
[>] computing distances using OM metric
[>] total time: 1.25 secs
Message d'avis :
The substitution cost matrix is not symmetric.

cout is computed with seqsubm (method="TRATE")

A surprising aspect is that it is not systematic (3 / 4)

I thought of a problem of missing value

Another amazing prompt is that seqdef shows this message:
>  contact.seq <- seqdef(contact, 2:15, states = contact.shortlab,labels 
= contact.lab)
[>] found missing values ('NA') in sequence data

...even when there is no missing in my data! (How can I seethe sequence 
containing the missing data?)

Does anyone have a idea?

Thank you very much

Best regards and good weekend



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