[Traminer-users] Sequential analyses of video data: Is TraMineR for me?

Bertolt Meyer bmeyer at sozpsy.uzh.ch
Fri Oct 15 11:23:06 CEST 2010

Hello TraMineR - users,

I am looking for a possibility to perform (lag-) sequential analysis  
on video-coded interaction data with R. I have read parts on the  
TraMineR manual in order to find out whether it contains the right  
tools for the job. However, I realized that my knowledge of sequence  
data is currently too limited and that I will have to do a lot more  
reading.  But before I invest several days (weeks?) into learning all  
this, I wanted to briefly ask whether TraMineR is the right package  
for me.

I have about 100 behavior-coded group discussions (~30 mins each) of  
3-4 individuals each. For each discussion, a coding scheme was used to  
sequence the interactions in speech acts. There are between 300 and  
1500 speech acts per discussion. For each speech act, we coded who  
spoke to whom, what was said (three main categories: Content/ 
Regulation/Control), how dominant it was said (Dom 1-5), how friendly  
it was said (Affi 1-5), whether it was a question or a suggestion, and  
whether other group members agreed or disagreed. For one discussion,  
the data looks like this:

Act	Timestamp		Who	toWhom	MainCategory	Dom	Affi	Qest/Suggest	Agreement
1	00:06:24-00:10:45	1	3	3		3	3	2		1
2	00:10:50-00:21:40	2	5	2		3	3	2		1

Thus, we have many acts that were generated by few people with few  
coded categories per act. I want to find out whether certain  
combinations of codes (e.g., dominant-unfriendly acts) are followed by  
certain other events more often than chance. In the psychology  
literature, this is referred to as a lag-sequential analysis. r-seek  
did not give me anything useful when I searched for that term. I was  
wondering whether the pseudo-ANOVA function of TraMineR delivers  
something similar?

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Dr. Bertolt Meyer
Senior research and teaching associate
Social Psychology, Institute of Psychology, University of Zurich
Binzmuehlestrasse 14, Box 15
CH-8050 Zurich

bmeyer at sozpsy.uzh.ch
tel:   +41446357282
fax:   +41446357279
mob:   +41788966111

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