[Traminer-users] how to identify entities that exhibit selected sequences?

Robin Way rway at coriosgroup.com
Tue Jun 29 22:40:05 CEST 2010

Greetings. I am a new R user and new TraMiner user.

The project on which I am about to embark is, I believe, in the domain 
of event sequences. My primary question is, when I perform the analysis 
and select a set of event sequences of primary interest, can the 
TraMiner package help me identify which of the sampled observation units 
exhibited that sequence in the historical event data used to run the 
algorithm? Furthermore, is there a capacity to produce a ruleset 
describing the selected event sequences on a new set of event data for 
either the same observation units at a different point in time, or for a 
different set of observation units?

For instance,  my project is concerned with the quality control and 
error detection of a set of machines. Let's say I have 20 machines 
(sampled from a larger pool of machines) and my event sequence data is a 
set of status codes from each machine recorded multiple times per day 
over the course of a calendar month (for instance, January 2010). Once I 
arrive at a set of sequences that differentiate machine-days on which 
there was a significant machine outage, I would like to be able to apply 
the rules associated with outages to the same machines or other machines 
outside the sample on different time periods. The prospective benefit is 
to help avoid future outages by identifying sequences that appear to be 
occurring in advance of conditions leading to future outages (albeit in 
a non-parametric fashion).

Is this possible with the current TraMiner release? Are there 
alternative methods of achieving this objective? Thank you very much in 

Robin Way
Corios LLC

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