[Traminer-users] suggestion on storing large dissimilarity matrix?

Zuluaga, Juan [zuju0701@stcloudstate.edu] zuju0701 at stcloudstate.edu
Tue Jun 1 02:15:34 CEST 2010

Hello TraMineR people,
great package, awesome effort. 

I realize that this is not really a TraMineR question, but I bet it will be a common question of interest for many TraMineR users. 

What would you suggest to be able to store large matrices? 

> wide.om <- seqdist(wide.seq,method="OM",indel=2,sm=couts,with.missing=TRUE)
 [>] 14625 sequences with 21 distinct events/states
 [>] including missing value as additional state
 [>] 4316 distinct sequences
 [>] min/max sequence length: 1/22
 [>] computing distances using OM metric
Error: cannot allocate vector of size 815.9 Mb

I tried 
wide.om <- big.matrix(seqdist ...)) 
from package bigmemory, but still produces the same result. 

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