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Hi Cassandra,

I agree with the answer by Damian Lidgard. As I understand it, you define a
"visit" period (in order to see whether 2 points in the same area is part
of a single visit or a revisit). Typically, for predators I used the
longest period they would stay on a single carcass. So if your sample
frequency is longer apart than the "visit period", there is no way to
classify it as anything else than a revisit. I would analyse the 2 periods

Chavoux Luyt

Op Do. 26 Nov. 2020 om 07:10 het Cassandra Arkinstall <
cassandra.arkinstall at gmail.com> geskryf:

> Hi all,
> I am new to tLoCoH and have a question about the sampling frequency
> graphs. I have GPS tracking data for bilbies however there are some gaps
> and missing data for the first part of my study (due to antenna breakages).
> This means I only have 1-2 fixes per day for the first month, and then
> several fixes per day for the following month (as the antennas were
> repaired).
> This then affects my sampling frequency graphs (example attached), and I
> am concerned that the points at a low sampling frequency will affect the
> temporal analyses. Should I consider trimming these data points using
> “lxy.thin.byfreq()”? Or is it best to keep them in?
> Thanks in advance.
> Kind regards,
> Cass
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