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Andy Lyons ajlyons at stanford.edu
Sun Sep 21 20:53:48 CEST 2014

Dear tlocoh list,

In the next week or two, I plan on splitting the tlocoh package into a 
'core' and 'development' package. The rationale for the split is that 
the current package contains a number of functions that are not commonly 
used and need additional documentation and testing, and thus would be 
better suited for an 'in-progress' development version. This includes 
functions for hull-based association analysis and working with large 
datasets. The development package will also serve as a platform for 
testing and distributing new features, without necessitating everyone to 
update the entire package.

All of the functions described in the tutorial will stay in the 'core' 
package. Both the core and development packages will continue to be 
available on R-Forge and supported. The 'core' package will also be 
submitted to CRAN.

Thoughts or suggestions on this split are welcome. And as always, if you 
have developed any functions or workflows that might be useful to other 
people, please let me know so we can explore how to share it including 
potentially including it in the core or development package.



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