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Dear T-Locoh list,

Really enjoying using this package at the moment, however, I have some methodological questions:

1) First up is, was there any resolution to the thread 'showing duration of visit and visitation rate' 15 Jul 2014 ? As visualizing 
movement data, UDs or movement paths, is essential for communication. 

2) Related to the first, but hopefully much simpler: 
		I'm a fan of the trajectory plots with the differing colours for different times but i was wondering how this could be refined
		to show the movement from start to end...as in, green at the start of the movement path (or first timepoint), red at the last time point with a graduated colour palette in between the points.
		It's possible to do in other packages but working with T-Locoh is much more intuitive for me except for the plotting.
		Is this possible? This would be awesome for migratory animals. 

3) related to plotting: I'm plotting data for between 31 individuals so when I plot the lxy, the command returns the plots in grid form or a lattice.
	Is it possible to separate the plots for the into individuals plot windows? 

4) Not sure what is wrong with the data or my coding but when looking at my sampling freq, there is also bursts below tau0.2 (See attached) similar to the T-LoCoh tutorial, but when i run the code I get the following error:
		> mal.lxy <- lxy.thin.bursts(mal.lxy, thresh=0.2)
No bursts were found for id  MIDC_01 
No bursts were found for id  MIDCST_02 New 
No bursts were found for id  MIDIN_01 New 
No bursts were found for id  MIDIN_02 
No bursts were found for id  MLB_01 
No bursts were found for id  MLB_02 
Error in lxy[["pts"]][-idx.remove, ] : 
  error in evaluating the argument 'i' in selecting a method for function '[': Error in -idx.remove : invalid argument to unary operator

		What is wrong? 

Any help would be most appreciated as I'm due to give a presentation about this for our R-lunch course! 

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