[tlocoh-info] showing duration of visit and visitation rate

Julia Krejci julia.krejci at chello.at
Tue Jul 15 20:22:32 CEST 2014

Dear tlocoh-list,


I am looking for a way to display the visitation rate and duration of visit
I calculated for twelve individuals. I would like to see if the hot spots of
revisitation are located where I assumed them to be. It would be ideal to
project the output graph (rainbow colour-coded points) onto a map. But I
cannot export the information with the exp.shp command. Is there another way
to do it? 

And if there is a way for every single individual, is there also a
possibility to summarize it in another graph? I would like to see if the
hotspots are the same for all individuals or if they prefer different areas.


Thank you very much!

Best wishes,


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