[Rprotobuf-yada] Difficulty getting RProtoBuf to work on Linux

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Fri May 6 00:10:30 CEST 2016

Dear RProtoBuf Developers,

I'm teaching a class, and we are trying to use RProtoBuf on Linux.

We are encountering the problem when trying to read in the .proto files.

I've appended a minimal example of the .proto files below. We are trying to
read these in with

readProtoFiles(dir = "proto_dir")

The errors are:

protos_min/P2.proto:7:22:"com.name.common.value.P2Proto.var_2" is already
defined in file "P2.proto".
protos_min/P2.proto:6:9:"com.name.common.value.P2Proto" is already defined
in file "P2.proto".

The .proto files worked with Java protobuf code, but we would like to try
to do all of our work within R.

We are using R 3.2.4 on RHEL 6, and we've tried compiling RProtoBuf against
protobuf versions 2.4.1, 2.5.0, and 2.6.1.

Any advice is most appreciated. None of us has any experience with
protobufs, yet the students need to decode this data to do their work.

Many thanks,


package com.name.common.value;

option java_outer_classname="P1ProtoBuffs";
import "P2.proto";

message P1Proto {
    optional P2Proto var_1 = 3;

package com.name.common.value;

option java_outer_classname="P2ProtoBuffs";
import "P3.proto";

message P2Proto {
    optional P3Proto var_2 = 2;

package com.name.common.value;

option java_outer_classname="P3ProtoBuffs";
import "P4.proto";

message P3Proto {
    optional commagg.value.P4Proto var_3 = 1;
package com.name.commagg.value;

option java_outer_classname="P4Protos";

message P4Proto {
    message P4S1Proto {
        optional string var_4 = 3;

    message P4S2Proto {
        optional P4S1Proto var_5 = 1;

    repeated P4S1Proto var_6 = 1;
    optional P4S1Proto var_7 = 2;
    optional P4S2Proto var_8 = 3;
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