[Rprotobuf-yada] do we need to require protoc ?

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sat Jan 23 15:42:16 CET 2010

On 23 January 2010 at 14:29, Romain Francois wrote:
| Hi,
| It's been a while, but I'd like to be back on this track.

It has been a while...
| We absolutely need libproto, but I was wondering if we could not have to 
| require protoc and basically compile with files with protoc at build 
| time, as part of the vignette trick.

But if we "compile with protoc at built time" it means we have a built-time
dependency on protoc, hence we need protoc, hence the test in configure.in

I am missing something. But I am post-run yet still pre-coffee...
| This would also reduce the complexity of the Makevars (e.g. we would not 
| need an all target, etc ...)

And you're thinking we would pre-generate them outside of the 'package build'
and just check the resulting files in?  Could do.

Where is the all: target nagging you? Compiler warnings?


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