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Romain Francois romain.francois at dbmail.com
Wed Feb 10 19:43:30 CET 2010

On 02/10/2010 04:53 PM, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> On 10 February 2010 at 10:31, Etienne Bellemare Racine wrote:
> | I've gone to some of the vignettes and Google's documentation and I
> | understand (I'm sorry if this is obvious I just want to be sure I
> | understand right) that with proto buffer, you don't introduce a new way
> | of creating structures in R, you provide a way to share a common
> | structure with other languages.
> Precisely. In a portable, efficient, fast and extensible matter.
> | So you can, to take the address book example, get stats in R from an
> | address book which would be managed by some Java code, without passing
> | by Java to let R access the data or vice versa.
> Right. You'd use native Java code to read, write, alter, ... the addressbook
> encoded in a binary file and describe in a '.proto' ProtoBuf definiton. Now
> thanks to RProtoBuf you can read, write, alter, ... the same addressbook with
> having to pass data back and for to Java -- you simple read, write, ... the
> protobuf file.
> Plus, and while Google does not provide a network layer, you can do the same
> thing 'over the wire' instead of with files, or store it in a database and
> have clients in R, Java, Python, C++, ... all access the (binary) data as
> they all can deparse the ProtoBuf representation.

Yep. But this part of the R package does not quite work yet.

But it will at some point be possible to have say an "protobuf message 
server" embedded in the R session and a protobuf message client in 
another session, or in java or in whatever other language ...

If all goes as planned, something like this should be demonstrable at 
useR! this year.


> Makes sense now?
> Amicalement,  Dirk

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