[Rprotobuf-yada] playing with sockets.

Romain François francoisromain at free.fr
Mon Nov 30 09:56:23 CET 2009


I've added some code in trunk to start playing with sockets. It is 
absolutely not functional currently, and was more an excuse to learn 
about sockets programming in C.

I have based it on the protocol used by this rpc implementation: 
http://code.google.com/p/protobuf-rpc/ but I am not sure this is the 
best one to use.

The client side, as in "R invokes a remote rpc method" is not so hard I 
think: open a socket, write the input message and read the result 
message back.

The server side is going to be more tricky because I need to understand 
threads on top of sockets.


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