[Rprotobuf-yada] linking against R shared library

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sat Nov 7 20:01:01 CET 2009

On 7 November 2009 at 19:07, Romain Francois wrote:
| I'm close to give up. I don't see why they would make this available:
| void R_InitConnOutPStream(R_outpstream_t stream, Rconnection con,
| 			  R_pstream_format_t type, int version,
| 			  SEXP (*phook)(SEXP, SEXP), SEXP pdata);
| when there seems to be no way to get hold of __any__ Rconnection. If I 
| could get to some Rconnection, then knowing its number I'd be able to 
| jump to the one I'm interested in I think since they are in an array ...
| The closest I can get is to the con->exp_ptr which is this guy:
|  > f <- file( "/tmp/foo", open = "w" )
|  > attr( f, "conn_id")
| <pointer: 0x30>
| which would be useful if the external pointer did point to something 
| useful, but that's not what I gather from these :
|      con->ex_ptr = R_MakeExternalPtr(con->id, install("connection"),
| 				    R_NilValue);
|      setAttrib(ans, install("conn_id"), con->ex_ptr);

Is it worth talking to Simon? What does he do to get the connections?


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