[Rnomads-user] Trouble viewing GRIB

Stephen Walsh walsh124 at vt.edu
Thu Nov 9 02:14:34 CET 2017


My name is Steve Walsh and I am a first year statistics graduate student at
Virginia Tech. I have very little programming experience, so this is my
first time trying to use GRIB data. I downloaded data from UCAR at the
following site: https://data.eol.ucar.edu/cgi-bin/codiac/fgr_form/id=21.093
(example file name after unzipping: ST4.2004081212.06h)

>From looking at the example provided in the help file, it seems that you
need to use a URL to look at the data. However, since I am getting the data
via FTP, I tried to use the link that contained the different GRIB files,
but I think this is causing trouble because (1) the files are compressed .Z
files and (2) the link isn't directly to a single file, it is a link that
has the downloads for each of the files altogether. Is there a way to load
files on your local hard drive, rather than using a URL?

I also understand that I should install rNOMADS with GRIB file support
based on this article:

I followed the instructions but when I get to the very last step and run
*system("wgrib2")*, I receive the following: *Warning message:*
*running command 'wgrib2' had status 127 *

I would greatly appreciate any help or words of wisdom you can offer with
this. Thanks for everything you do to make R a more accessible resource!

Take care,
Steve Walsh
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