[Rcpp-devel] template argument deduction/substitution failed

Joseph Park JosephPark at IEEE.org
Sun Jun 13 11:40:50 CEST 2021

Thank you.

Changing the function argument limit to 20 variables resolves the error.

If this limit can be relaxed, that would be helpful for future development.

Thank you for Rcpp, and your patience with my ill-formed posts.


On 6/13/21 1:15 AM, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> On 12 June 2021 at 16:02, Kevin Ushey wrote:
> | I think you're bumping into the 20 argument limit for our (now rather old)
> | Vector::create() implementation. I thought we also had a variadic C++11
> | version for this, but apparently I am mistaken...
> Hm. We have a few header files that are similarly macro-generated (and
> sometimes the macro code is behind ...) but I also thought we had this
> generalized with variadic arguments. Maybe not.
> | A workaround is to use something like the ListBuilder class I put together
> | a while back here:
> |
> | https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27371543/how-many-vectors-can-be-added-in-dataframecreate-vec1-vec2/27371771#27371771
> Maybe we can carry that over now that C++11 is the minimum standard for R ?
> | but on our side, it would be nice to have a variadic create for when C++11
> | and above is supported / enabled by the compiler.
> I have been mulling an idea regarding a top-level header file choice also
> signaling minimal language standards opening the door a little to C++14,
> C++17, C++20, ... . I should open an issue ticket one of these days.
> Dirk

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