[Rcpp-devel] Install failure undefined symbol

Iñaki Ucar iucar at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jun 11 23:33:18 CEST 2020

On Thu, 11 Jun 2020 at 17:41, Fuhriman, Nathanael [US] (IS) (Contr)
<nate.fuhriman at ngc.com> wrote:
> /share/apps/gcc/9.2.0/bin/gcc -m64 -shared -L/share/apps/update/lib -o Rcpp.so api.o attributes.o barrier.o date.o module.o rcpp_init.o

Note that line. It's probably picking up whatever it's in there
instead of /share/apps/gcc/9.2.0/lib.

Things would be probably easier using scl's devtoolset-8, with gcc
8.3.1. And if you need something newer, CentOS 6 is not the right
environment. It's almost EOL, with so many issues; so please, consider
an upgrade.

Iñaki Úcar

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