[Rcpp-devel] using SparseSuite and RcppEigen in package

Simon Barthelmé simon.barthelme at gipsa-lab.fr
Wed Jan 17 13:10:08 CET 2018

Dear all,

I'm trying to use some CHOLMOD functionality inside an R package 
(specifically, sparse Cholesky updates/downdates). There's an 
CHOLMOD/Eigen interface for that, but unfortunately the header I need is 
not shipped as part of either the Matrix package or the Rcpp package. 
The file is cholmod_modify.h, and it does appear in the src/ directory 
of the Matrix package, but not in the include/ directory.

If I include it by hand I risk version conflicts, because the rest of 
CHOLMOD is provided by the Matrix package via RcppEigen. What's the 
clean way of handling that? Thanks for your input!


Simon Barthelme

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