[Rcpp-devel] RcppArmadillo build failures

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sun Oct 29 18:00:11 CET 2017

On 27 October 2017 at 08:11, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
| We have two recent build failures reports at GitHub:
| https://github.com/RcppCore/RcppArmadillo/issues/177
| https://github.com/RcppCore/RcppArmadillo/issues/185
| I don't understand what is going on as this just builds fine on my systems.
| We test for a sufficient compiler, use C++11 and expect OpenMP to work.  Yet
| it doesn't.  I don't really know what is missing, and the respective OP
| aren't forthcoming (yet, maybe) with pertinent info.
| Anybody have an idea?

Turns out it was Conrad's code making use of new #Pragma syntax for OpenMP
which remains borked up until g++-5.4, and hence clearly for the still
popular-in-many-places g++-4.9.   For what it is worth many of us now have
g++-6, with g++-7 in Debian and g++-8 just added to the 'experimental'

But for those with older compilers we now test and accomodate by turning
OpenMP off.  You can use the updated RcppArmadillo via either

  drat::addRepo("RcppCore")             # RcppCore drat repo known for session


  install.packages("RcppArmadillo", repos="https://RcppCore.github.io/drat")

Hope this helps, and thanks to everybody who contributed in sorting this out.


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