[Rcpp-devel] [Pre-ANN] Rcpp release candidate GitHub release

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue Nov 7 13:45:01 CET 2017

I put Rcpp into the RcppCore 'drat' repo. You can install it via

  drat::addRepo("RcppCore")        # expands options("repos") for session


  install.packages("Rcpp", repos="http://RcppCore.github.io/drat")

This should be ready as Rcpp 0.12.14 in about a work or ten days.  Compared
to previous release, changes are a bit more limited---see below. But we are
now completing the deprecation of the old (and terrible, bad design of mine)
DateVector and DatetimeVector classes as announced with Rcpp 0.12.8 in
November of last year.

That should not affect many packages ... besides two of my own one of which
[RcppQuantuccia] hit CRAN yesterday with a new version, and the other
[RQuantLib] will some time this week.

I ran four complete sets of reverse depends last week with different settings
and we are looking ok.  A handful (or two) of packages managed internal test
failures as has happened before. The rcpp-logs repo in the RcppCore org at
GitHub has details.

We have one pending PR by Dan which I may fold in, and nothing else is slated
right.  If you have something, come file an issue at GH.

The (current) state of NEWS.Rd is below.

Please test this pre-release if you suspect you have code that may be affected.

Cheers,  Dirk

\section{Changes in Rcpp version 0.12.14 [unreleased] (2017-11-xx)}{
    \item Changes in Rcpp API:
      \item New const iterators functions \code{cbegin()} and \code{cend()}
      added to \code{MatrixRow} as well (Dan Dillon in \ghpr{750}).
      \item The \code{Rostream} object now contains a \code{Buffer} rather than
      allocating one (Kirill Müller in \ghpr{763}).
      \item New \code{DateVector} and \code{DatetimeVector} classes are now the
      default fully deprecating the old classes as announced one year ago.
    \item Changes in Rcpp Package:
      \item DESCRIPTION file now list doi information per CRAN suggestion.
    \item Changes in Rcpp Documentation:
      \item Update CITATION file with doi information and PeerJ preprint.

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