[Rcpp-devel] grDevices issue with RInside

Jonathon Love jon at thon.cc
Wed Aug 16 19:50:11 CEST 2017

hi dirk,

i've got it!

Rst.rhome is assigned here from getenv() (and no copy is made):


It makes it's way down inside of R, and is assigned to R_Home:


strings returned by getenv() are invalidated by subsequent calls to 

the offending code exists in a #ifdef _WIN32 which is why it's windows only.

i'll have a PR for you shortly.

this has been a bit of an epic.


> hi dirk,
>> Might it be that you are shooting the messenger? You see the issue via
>> RInside as you implemented it via RInside.
>> But we "merely" give you access to the embedded R instance, and 
>> methinks that
>> the issue may be with ggjoy and/or the pdf() device. Are you really 
>> sure RInside
>> plays any part here?
> yeah, i totally recognise RInside may only be related in an incredibly 
> tangential way.
> all this code works fine when run interactively (and on macOS and 
> linux), and i haven't been able to reproduce the issue outside of 
> rinside ... i expect it's some subtle interaction, but i thought i'd 
> check in with you that you'd not encountered something like this before.
> to me it looks like an R issue, but it's almost impossible to get 
> anyone to take you seriously when your minimal example is an 
> executable embedding RInside :P
> with thanks
> jonathon

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