[Rcpp-devel] new to R, so don't understand Rcpp limits

George Coles gminorcoles at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 17:30:22 CEST 2017

 I have recently been writing a lot of c++. I have been a big python user
the last couple of years, and never really use R but have it installed.

I need to share some data between my Python code and my c++ code, C++ does
not really have a lot of nice ideas like DataFrames. But if you save a
dataframe from Python into csv, you can readily read it using R. Csv is not
the best way to go, but it is a simple case.

I have generally been noticing as I google around, that R has a healthy and
seemingly growing list of packages that can be accessed by c++ code. From
c++, R does not look so bad to me, and I would like to get access to this
large library of native routines in R.

First on the list, is that I hope to read a dataframe or something like it
from data in a file, and then transform that dataframe or other tabular
object into something I can use in my c++ code for linear algebra, like an
Armadillo matrix.

So is there any native code in the R world that I can use to read a
dataframe from a file?

please forgive my ignorance. I think Rcpp is really cool, it might make me
a backdoor R user.

George Coles
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