[Rcpp-devel] CMakeList.txt for c++ and Rcpp

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Mon Oct 17 18:17:23 CEST 2016

On 17 October 2016 at 11:52, JJ Allaire wrote:
| I would just have CMake call R CMD [SHLIB/build/INSTALL/etc.) as an external
| tool. R does a tremendous amount behind the scenes to configure the build
| environment and you don't really want to try to replicate that. A basic package
| need only place the cpp files within the "src/" directory and they will be
| built automatically. More advanced scenarios can be covered with a custom
| Makevars[.win] in the "src/" directory.


If you really insist on CMake, the RInside project has long had _contributed_
files in its inst/examples/*/ directories.

CMake is not that widely used within the R world which is why this never
became a priority here either.  It simply is hard to fully replace something
that works so reliably for everybody and is well enough understood, possible
warts and all.


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