[Rcpp-devel] strange behaviour ... something to do with RInside?

Jonathon Love jon at thon.love
Tue Sep 8 22:19:06 CEST 2015

> | > Then I don't care as that is not a current version.
> | 
> | an LTS doesn't count? i think it's a *current* version, just not *the
> | latest* version. unfortunately, it represents a chunk of my user base
> | (with the LTS, and the linux mints being based on it)
> With all due respect I am doing this for free. So coming back with demands as
> to what I should or should not support simply does not fly.  Sorry.  

oh sorry, it was meant as an earnest question. i did not intend it in a
demanding way.

> I also asked you twice already to try Rcpp from GitHub.  Did you?

yup. issue persists.

with thanks



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