[Rcpp-devel] strange behaviour ... something to do with RInside?

Jonathon Love jon at thon.love
Tue Sep 8 09:28:54 CEST 2015

hi dirk,

my application JASP makes use of RInside, and has for about two years
now (https://jasp-stats.org). however, i've just found the most bizare
bug. it only seems to occur under R 3.2.2 (from CRAN) under Ubuntu
Trusty. the issue does not occur under R 3.0.2 (from the standard ubuntu
repos), nor does it occur under R 3.2.2 on Ubuntu Vivid.

the problem is, bizarely enough, to do with a call to stats::quantile( )


stats::quantile(x, probs=0.01)

within JASP, gives the error:

"unused argument (probs = 0.01)"

but calling it outside of JASP, in an R session run at the terminal,
gives me the expected result.

i have inspected the Version, the .libPaths(), everything between the
terminal and JASP is identical.


gives me the same (short) function definition in both environments

if i run stats::quantile(1:10), inside of JASP, it gives me the exact
vector back (rather than the quantiles)!

if i go to the R SVN, and copy the stats::quantile.default() into the
JASP R code, rename it, and substitute calls within JASP, everything
works fine.

there's also an issue with stats::as.formula() not working

in typically JASP usage, dozens of R functions are called, and there
don't seem to be any issues other than these, so it appears to be
isolated to the stats package.

the only difference i can see, is that one runs inside of RInside, the
other at the terminal.

any idea of what it could cause this?

with thanks



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