[Rcpp-devel] R.e. Using Rcpp and MATLAB MAT-File API to Read MAT Files

Christian Gunning xian at unm.edu
Wed Mar 25 13:08:19 CET 2015

Can you provide a link to the mat.h file referenced in the source
(which I assume is the same as the API mentioned below)?

Also, see Dirk's comments about compilers here:
and here:


> I'm trying to use the MATLAB Mat-File API to read data from MAT files into
> R. (I've tried using the R.matlab package, but the matrices I'm loading can
> be very large, and that method was too slow. In addition, some of the files
> I'm loading are v7.3 MAT files, which are not supported by the package.) I
> wrote the following simple function to start testing. It works fine if I
> compile without the Rcpp parts in Visual Studio (i.e. I can call matOpen
> and get a nonzero pointer), but when I run in R it crashes my R session
> without displaying "Test".
> #include <Rcpp.h>
> #include "mat.h"
> using namespace Rcpp;
> // [[Rcpp::export]]
> NumericVector rcpp_mat_load() {
>     MATFile* mf = matOpen("z:/temp/test.mat", "r");
>     printf("Test\n");
>     double val = 10;
>     NumericVector y = NumericVector::create(val);
>     return y;
> }

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