[Rcpp-devel] Windows gcc 4.9.2 toolchain

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 19:56:23 CET 2015

To Windows Rcpp users:

I'm now back online, and looking for test cases for the new gcc 4.9.2
toolchain.  I'll be posting them to a page that's currently on CRAN at
bin/windows/Rtools/scripts.  R 3.2.0 will not use this toolchain, it
will use the old one.  Rtools33 no longer has the new toolchain, but you
can download it in two tarballs from that CRAN page.

Currently R-devel is using the old toolchain, but once we have fixes for
all the known problems, I'll switch it back to the new one.

Since I haven't been following the discussion on this list for the last
5 days, it will take a while to get all the known problems posted; if
you've found one and it's not there yet, please send me a link to simple
reproduction instructions.

Duncan Murdoch

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